“I took on the services of Dominic Murphy from Warrens solicitors (based on Middle Street) last July after my new neighbours punched two holes through into my house and continued with illegal and dangerous building works. He has been absolutely brilliant, offered me support and professional advice at incredibly competitive rates for his services and given me way more hours and advice than i have been billed for. As such I can highly recommend him and his firm.”
Mr R, 17/01/17

“Loretta, just wanted to say a BIG thank you for representing me yesterday. Your advice was so spot on. Having almost become a solicitor or barrister myself I so respect what you do in the public service. I’m sure as well as drunken fools like myself you definitely meet and see some very interesting characters. Thanks too for not condoning me for what I did and letting me give the ‘context’ so to speak. You know I will always have real remorse and regret for the harm I caused. I received a caution and now staying at a friends having been given a 48 hour non contact order and court Tues to see if that will be elongated. Again just as you said and so rightly warned me about! I’m now going to seek help for my alcohol probs but actually also really think about whether I want to stay with my partner… that might come as a surprise! Anyway I just wanted to convey that you are a lovely person and thanks so much for what you did. You help people at their most vulnerable but suspect you don’t always get the gratitude you deserve. So thank you very much…”
Mr K, 14/07/16

“I found myself in a situation where I had to appoint a legal executive as I was being taken to court by my ex-partner over contact arrangements with our child. Warrens was recommended to me by a friend therefore I contacted them and was able to speak to someone about my case immediately. The legal executive who I spoke to was Emma Macdonald. Not only did she handle my case professionally, she also offered invaluable advice. The support that I have received from both Emma and Warrens has been exceptional, they have made a difficult situation bearable which is more than I could have asked for. If I need to use a legal executive again then I will definitely use Emma. Thank you for your help”
Miss D, 26/04/16

“I would totally recommend Maxine because she is quick, professional and she is always keeping the customer’s wishes and needs first. She always kept my target up to date with my situation. She deals very confidentially and discreetly. She made me feel secure during the whole process and she gave me confidence to finish my divorce. She clearly gives good detailed information about courts and she knows what to do. She always finds time to help her clients even if that has to be a quick phone conversation. She acts quickly in any situation. She is a very kind, helpful, professional and most importantly experienced solicitor who is great when YOU need help.”
Ms M

“I needed some help and advice at what was a very traumatic period of my life. The advice and assistance I received was extremely helpful and accurate… throughout the process I was kept up to date as to what was happening. At the end of the day matters were brought to a successful conclusion for all parties concerned.”
Mr G

“Thank you so so much for all the help and support you have given F over the last six months – you’ve been a star!
I’m so glad I selected Warrens from the list of solicitors the LA sent F and that you agreed to represent him. Your patience and determination to help F understand proceedings etc. Went ‘above and beyond’ – I don’t think we could have found anyone better to work with F and the communication difficulties he has.
My heartfelt thanks – and, if he could, I’m sure S would thank you too. I feel that he now has a more stable and happy life ahead of him with his dad as primary carer.”

Ms K