Death unfortunately, is the only certain thing in life.

Whilst it may not be pleasant to contemplate your passing away, it is important to safeguard your loved ones and make the necessary arrangements for them in a Will.

Not only does a Will make provision for how you want your property left after your death, but it also provides for the appointment of guardians, of your choice, to take responsibility for any children under the age of 18 years.

Wills & Divorce

Wills are a particular consideration for those involved in a Marriage or Civil Partnership, who are in the process of, or considering, Divorce.

Should a person die without a Will, and before their Divorce has become effective, then the whole of their estate, or a substantial part of it, will pass to their estranged spouse or partner.

If you are, unfortunately, in such a situation, then Warren’s can help you to draw up a Will to safeguard against this.

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